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First and foremost, 




What a special thing to commit to the one you love in Marriage, 

many of us have dreams of meeting the right person and falling in love,

with the fairy tale wedding that follows, for some it is just part of our culture, for others it is a natural progression of a relationship. 

Now that you are planning your special day










you are wanting to make sure that everything goes to plan.

you plan the event down to the last detail and often don't give thought to

the pivotal moment the ceremony and its wording. 

I give all my couples the opportunity to work with me

in creating a ceremony that is truly reflective of you and your beliefs.


This is your special day and you don't want any regrets,

choosing the right celebrant can be vital to the success of your ceremony,

it is important that you have full confidence in the celebrant you choose

to know that they will go the extra mile to make sure all your wishes are met.

I offer an obligation free meeting so that you can make an informed decision

on the celebrant that is right for you.

Call me today, to arrange a meeting.



For many different reasons some choose to have a commitment ceremony rather than a wedding, or you have  eloped or married in another country

and now want to share this special occasion with your family and friends

that could not be there on your special day.



The law in Australia prohibits a second marriage ceremony however

you may still have a commitment ceremony that can be reflective of a wedding.

We have legal obligations to meet, but as long as we stay within these guide lines

your family and friends will feel like they havn't missed out.


I tailor all ceremonies to make them unique and reflective of your wishes.

call me anytime to talk about your special day,

I'm sure together we can make it a special memory

that you will look back on for many years.

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