Questions You May Be Asking

WHY CHOOSE A CELEBRANT?    This is a very personal choice,   whether you are from mixed cultures, you are secular, spiritual or interfaith, a celebrant can work with you to create just the right mix  of content for your special occasion.  Because your ceremony is written especially  for you it reflects your needs and beliefs.


WHY SHOULD I HAVE A CEREMONY?  We all look back at the milestones in our lives the moments that we have created lasting memories, by formalising a celebration it enables you to connect more deeply  with others and makes them feel that they are part of something special, a ceremony can also give support  and strengthen bonds.

​​WHERE CAN A CEREMONY BE HELD?  We are only limited by our own imagination, I am happy to travel to your favorite location however if it is  out of my regular  area of travel there may an extra cost.

CAN WE HAVE A THEMED EVENT?  Yes you can, this is your ceremony  and it is completely up to you if you wish to have a theme, should you require me get into theme and  to dress up I am happy to, at  a small cost of costume hire. 

PRICES  Most  Celebrants charge around the same price for the different ceremonies.  When you consider the importance of having the right celebrant, the variance in price is not even worth thinking about, your choice in celebrant should never come down to price it should come down to confidence in your chosen celebrant and feeling that you are able to connect and communicate your wishes, so that together with your celebrant your special occasion meets all your wishes.

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