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What is a Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony is a non-religious celebration

that often takes the place of a traditional religious christening.  

Even though a naming is not a religious ceremony many people with religious beliefs

will still have a naming ceremony as it gives their child

the opportunity to make this decision for themselves later in life.


It is the opportunity to welcome a new baby into the family

and officially introduce your baby to family and friends.










Naming Ceremonies are not limited to new born babies,

they are appropriate for anyone at any age as well as welcoming a new born baby

a naming ceremony can be used to unite a family where there are step children,

as we celebrate the family becoming a complete family unit.

A naming ceremony can also be created to celebrate an official name change for an adult.

These are just a few reasons a naming ceremony can be held.












A naming ceremony also gives recognition to special people in your child’s life,

people you wish to play a special role,

or an active role in your Child's life, be it as a mentor, a guardian or a godparent.

Grand parents can also be acknowledged as they are special people in your child's life.


Even though a Naming Ceremony will have certificates presented

to the different people who play a part in the ceremony, they don’t have any legal standing.


Together as we create your special day you will see how your ceremony will become unique,  as it can be tailored to your individual requirements.

New Beginnings

We all have new beginnings through our life some consider these milestones,

how we celebrate a milestone can make a huge difference

in how we look back on an event in years to come. 

Special moments in our lives need to be marked with Celebration,

so that they become memorable moments in our lives and in the lives of those we share them with.


We can create a custom ceremony for your special occasion

As I have always said, We are only limited by our own imagination,

so let's work together to make your special occasion

one that your family and friends will talk about and remember for years to come.


Whether you are, starting a new business,  having a Grand Opening, 

A House Warming, Boat Wetting a special birthday

or a special anniversary, together I know we  can give formal recognition to

.and special meaning to your next new beginning




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