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Creating a dignified, respectful farewell is too important to leave to just anyone,

A funeral is a time for family and friends to come together

to share their grief and to acknowledge their loss.


This is a time when many around us are also experiencing profound grief and disconnection, a time where we look for comfort,

nothing can take away the grief, however

a comforting, honest, moving and respectful farewell may ease the pain.


Creating such a tribute for many is a daunting task,

where do you start, what is the first step,  and who can you rely on for help

this is where a Celebrant can be of assistance.


We can help create a personal goodbye that is reflective of your loved one,

creating a ceremony that reflects the needs of beliefs

and values that are right for you.


We only get one chance to say goodbye

take the pressure off and  call Heather today

she can assist you with all aspects  of  your ceremony

whether you are secular, spiritual or interfaith she can help you

to make your farewell, authentic and reflective.






When someone we love leaves us and we don't have the

opportunity to attend a funeral

there is another option to help gain some closure

A well thought out and prepared Memorial service can be the answer.


There are many reasons in today's society that  attending

a funeral may not be possible.

It may be because of distance, family factions or our loved one's wishes

whatever the reason, when we lose someone we have loved it is

important to have an opportunity to say our final farewell,

to acknowledge our loss and to feel that

we have given our loved one a fitting send-off.


A Memorial can take many forms, call me to discuss your needs today!


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