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A Celebrant To Remember!

Heather McLennan J.P.(Qual)


A Funeral is not for you

It's for those you leave behind!

We all grieve in different ways and

for some formally acknowledging our loss is an important part to start the grieving process.

That’s why the right farewell is so important.

If your loved one didn’t want a funeral,

consider holding a memorial wake.

Memorial Candle

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Creating a dignified, respectful farewell is too important to leave to just anyone. A funeral is a time for family and friends to come together to share their grief and to acknowledge their loss.

Renewal of Vows

By revisiting your vows publicly it holds you accountable and reminds you why you made the commitment to one another

in the first instance, it keeps your relationship in check and healthy.


A naming ceremony is a non-religious celebration that often takes the place of a traditional religious christening.  

It is the opportunity to welcome a new baby into the family and officially introduce your baby to family and friends.


This is your special day and you don't want any regrets,  

choosing the right celebrant can be vital to the success of your ceremony, it is important that you have full confidence in the celebrant you choose to know that they will go the extra mile to make sure all your wishes are met.

We Are Only Limited By Our Own Imagination!.


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