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Radioactive-trading-blueprint-pdf falawah




 is a component of the . It is similar to other programming languages such as . See Blueprint for more information. Quick Start ----------- As with other programming languages, the syntax and grammar of are defined by the [Syntax Definitions]. As with other programming languages, is similar to other programming languages such as Java. Like other programming languages, is statically typed. This means that the types of variables, values and other constructs are defined by the . It also means that variables must be declared before they are used. Goals ----- Design Roughly, is a language that is similar to Java but has been designed for radio-frequency engineers to program on the .  is essentially a fast-and-furious language for the engineers. Programming with is quick, and it has reduced complexity. Conceptual Objectives Ensure that the language works on the . Ensure that the language is easy to learn. The design of was driven by two different objectives:




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Radioactive-trading-blueprint-pdf falawah

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